Lesson Information and Rates

Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard, Electric/Upright Bass, Drums
— Beginner and Intermediate Levels – 30 minute or 1 hour long lessons
— Learn by playing a diverse array of songs, and/or songs of your choice … maybe even songs written by you!
— Learn with friends in group lessons! Write music together! Play together!

Music Production, Composition
— Learn to write/record your own music/songs or use music production software (FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reason, etc.) to write in a variety of styles from professional producer/composer – www.ccbeats.net
— Length of lesson varies

Lessons are offered year round, taught on a weekly basis, and paid monthly.

Parents and prospective students, I truly believe that music should be for everyone, so scholarships are available.  Just ask.

Fall and Spring lessons (September – May), paid monthly as a flat rate
30 min lessons
— Private lesson: $135/month
— Group lesson (requires 2 or more students): $100/month per student
1 hr lessons
— Private lessons: $270/month
— Group lessons (requires 2 or more students): $200/month per student

Summer lessons (June – August), paid monthly based on number of lessons intended
30 min lessons
— Private lesson: $35/lesson
— Group lesson (requires 2 or more students): $25/lesson per student
1 hr lessons
— Private lesson: $70/lesson
— Group lesson (requires 2 or more students): $50/lesson per student

Payment information
– 1st month’s tuition is prorated based on per lesson rate (see Summer Lessons rates).
– Subsequent monthly tuition is due on or before the 1st of each month.
– While payment commitment is month to month, you can withdraw from lessons at anytime. See policies for further details.

– Pay using your bank’s bill pay, check, cash, or ZellePay (which is integrated in many bank’s mobile app’s).
– Credit cards, PayPal, and Square’s CashApp are also accepted, but a convenience fee of $5 will be applied per transaction.
– Monthly payment reserves your time slot for a given semester – Fall (September – December), Spring (January – May), or Summer (June – August)
– A $20 late fee will be charged if tuition is not received within a 7 day grace period, which starts after the 1st of the month. A $35 NSF fee will be charged if a check is returned.

– Fall and Spring (September through May) flat rate monthly payment details:
* Some months have more lessons (like 5-week months), and some months have less (like holiday months). With the flat rate, there’s no need to recalculate each month’s tuition. It will always be the same amount and always be due on the 1st of the month.
* Flat rate is based on an average of 35 lessons per school year over 9 equal payments.
* No lessons are taught on Thanksgiving week, the two weeks of Winter Holiday, and the week of Spring Break. Therefore, these 4 weeks are not factored in the monthly payment. (Actual dates based on Georgetown ISD academic calendar.)

– As it’s common for students and families to be out of town during the summer, Summer payments (June through August) are based on the amount of intended lessons for that month.

CMC tuition covers:
– Lesson time spent with each students
– Lesson-planning and curricular planning for each student
– Recital costs and preparations: programs, facility rental
– Your teacher’s training, certifications, experience, and education
– Studio expenses
– Maintenance of instruments, accessories, and repairs
– Website maintenance and fees
– Music library and copies
– Computers and other software

– –
“The purpose of a teacher is not to regurgitate the mountain of information that is already easily accessible. A teacher is there to analyze what a student can and cannot do, so that an efficient practice strategy to acquire the necessary technical skills to interpret music can be created.”
– Gene Wie, music teacher

Interested in lessons?   Ready to start?    Have questions?   Let’s talk about it!