Lessons that students WANT to attend!

The Problem
These days, it seems that music lessons haven’t had the best reputation. Kids are finding lessons boring or frustrating. With the wrong teacher, students are at risk of not wanting anything to do with playing an instrument. I’ve seen students almost give up on the joys of making music because they were only taught boring scales all year long, only learning ONE actual song in an entire year! It’s no wonder parents feel nervous when pursuing music lessons for their child. So many teachers out there only present FACTS and forget to shape the lessons to actually be FUN for the student.

The Solution
Through lots of experience and research, Clark’s Music Class has finally solved this problem once and for all! With careful observation, solid communication, and fun technology, you can rest assured that you or child will get quality music education that they will love!

CMC students who take piano lessons:

  • Learn how to sight read with steady rhythm from day one so that they can play any style of music they want
  • Move through their method books faster than the “average” time the publisher recommends, which is about 16 weeks per book
  • Have opportunities to play songs THEY want to play as their skills and abilities progress
  • Learn to become independent learners who can look at sheet music or other notation and KNOW what to do with it!
  • Have a full access subscription to the super fun educational iPad app, Piano Maestro. This technology is great for sight-reading! Think Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but you actually read sheet music and play the notes on your acoustic or digital piano. There are a ton of songs in a variety of genres included. Plus, the app correlates with CMC’s core curriculum for even more fun at home!

CMC students who take guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, drum lessons, or bass lessons:

  • Learn to read basic sheet music, tabs, and/or other music notation systems
  • Understand song structure and economy of movement on their instrument
  • Receive dedicated time in the lesson to develop instrument-specific skills so they can eventually play songs outside of CMC with confidence
  • Overcome feeling anxious when playing with other musicians
  • Rotate ensemble songs among group members. Each song must cover at least one new skill. This ensures that skills are continually developed as new songs are chosen!

All CMC students:

  • Get exposed to a variety of musical styles and get to learn songs that are personally meaningful to them
  • Receive all the benefits that music lessons provide as proven by science (sharpen memory and coordination, increases self-esteem, raises IQ, increases focus and attention, promotes a sense of balance and relaxation, and more!)
  • Review and retain what they’ve learned in lessons through the use of games and fun technological counterparts.
  • Learn all of their music during their weekly lesson with the teacher so they feel prepared instead of lost and confused when they get home

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