Here’s what CMC student’s and families have to say:


“We love Mr. Clark! My son has enjoyed going to lessons weekly for several months now. We just registered for fall! He is growing in his love for piano and has enjoyed Mr Clark’s energetic love for music too!”
– Kristin

“My 6 year old loves when it’s piano lesson day!!! Mr. Clark is encouraging and makes learning music fun. We are so thankful we found him and highly recommend him!”
– Jessica

“My son said this weekend that he can’t wait till Friday! Not because it’s Friday but for his next drum lesson! :)”
– Mandy

“You are already a rock star in this house! My daughter came in the house and immediately picked up the guitar to practice!! Thank you!!!”
– Robyn

“Carl, you really have my daughter excited about playing keyboard and she talks about you all of the time, she has really taken to you.  I could tell at the first lesson you were absolutely perfect… I really like the subtle thing you do like when you teach her something then distract her and then ask her to do what you just taught her.   You must have done really well in your psychology classes!  🙂 ”
– David

“I had a wonderful experience with Carl/Mr.Clark as my bass teacher. He taught me all I know (and trust me he knows a lot). Today I use many of the things he has taught me in my music. He is very nice and understanding. You will love him. He is the BTW (BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD), HE IS NOTHING BUT GOOD. He has made a big impact on my life and he has made my life better. ”
– Sophia (Neon Hearts band member)

“Carl Clark is an awesome instructor! I totally recommend him. He worked with my 7 year old daughter on drum lessons! She now loves to play. Because of Carl she has a love of music other than singing and she now wants to incorporate her own beats with it! Thank you Mr Clark!!”
– Diane

“My daughter Sydney only wanted to do vocals when she first started playing in the Neon Hearts band because guitar was hard.  Carl took her under his wings and helped her feel confident and like she was able to learn and succeed.  His patience and kindness made a difference in her wanting to become a guitarist.  I thank him for that!  I also appreciate the extra time he put in for the various gigs the band occasionally had.  Carl is a go above and beyond kind of teacher!”
– Nicole, mother of Sydney (Neon Hearts band member)

“I highly recommend Carl Clark as a music teacher. We love the guy. He’s a professional musician who knows how to teach. My son (8 yrs) and myself both take guitar lessons from Carl. He makes playing the guitar fun and interesting. We play songs. Yes, songs. I couldn’t ask for a better guitar teacher.”
– Todd

“As an adult student, learning an instrument can be difficult. Carl’s musical knowledge, experience, teaching methodology, and friendly demeanor is a blessing. His teaching is both developmental and personalized. I never felt my goals were out of reach. Practice assignments are well thought out and the use of tech (apps, video, etc) is well placed. Like the old adage says practice makes perfect. Highly recommended.”
– Adult student

“I met Carl by chance, and I’m glad it worked out that way; otherwise, I might still be waiting to take guitar lessons or have gone with an instructor closer to me but not as good. Carl tailors his lessons around my abilities but also my interests. For example, I like to know the why, so he’ll dive into music theory with me. He’s very knowledgeable and energetic, but he’s also patient and encouraging. Lessons are a lot of fun, and because he lets me decide what to learn, I stay interested and want to practice more. Carl’s a great music instructor, and I’d recommend him to others.”
– Annie

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